Virtual Botox


Virtual Botox

At Orchid Aesthetics we are now offering Botox in a virtual vial. The virtual vial allows you to purchase Botox at a locked in price when you purchase ahead of time. Each Botox vial is 100 units, each time you make a Botox appointment the exact number of units are discussed prior to each treatment. Your virtual bank will show exactly how many units you used and how many you have left.

With the Virtual Vial there will be no need to split the vial with anyone. With 100 unit vial we will keep an exact record of how many units were used, and to there won’t be time or money wasted because a vial wasn’t used in the recommended amount of time.

If you are seeking a discount for being a regular client of Orchid Aesthetics we are giving you the opportunity to lock in discounts off the regular pricing of Botox for as long as you have a vial. The Virtual vial will take an average of 25% off the regular price.

Because some people are on a limited budget they are constantly searching for online deals, and because you may think you are saving money on the cost per area or unit of Botox. The truth is that you aren’t because are inconsistent results by visiting disparate Dr.’s each with different results. With the Virtual Botox you are locking in Botox at a discount for as long as you have a vial, and you will work only with Dr. Kerns who will give you consistent results. You can also share the vial with a friend or relative if you chose, and give it as a gift.

Here are some of the areas you can choose to use Botox on: The glabella; which is the space between the forehead, crow’s feet which are lines which form to the left or right of either eye and extend to the temple region, neck rejuvenation, or the forehead wrinkles commonly called the elevens, an eyebrow lift or for smoker’s lines above the upper lip.

All vials of Botox are produced by Allergan which is the sole licensed manufacturer to produce Botox.

The prices for the vials are:

  • 1 vial is $12 per unit
  • 2 vials is $10.75 per unit
  • 3 vials is $9.50 per unit

1 vial (Botox 100 units) for $1,200

You saved $800

2 vials (Botox 100 units) for $2,150

You saved $1,850

3 vials (Botox 100 units) for $2,850

You saved $3,150

There is a $25 administrative fee for each visit

There is no expiration on each Botox vial that you purchase
More than 5 vials per year and you can receive 25 free units of Botox



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