Non Surgical Rhinoplasty


Non Surgical Rhinoplasty at Orchid Aesthetics, Manhattan, New York

Radiesse and Juvederm in combination offer an efficient alternative to surgical rhinoplasty which can be complicated, invasive, and painful. While the size of the nose cannot be reduced with this non surgical rhinoplasty procedure, judicious use of fillers can smooth out the nose’s profile, fill in depressions, and disguise bulges. The injections used in our non surgical “nose job” treatments can help balance out the proportions of the nose compared to the rest of the face, and give the nose a smoother, more regular shape.

Dr. Kerns uses fillers such as Radiesse, and Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus in a non-surgical rhinoplasty to address issues such as:

  • A slightly crooked appearance in the nose
  • Bumps on the surface of the nose
  • Bulges in the nose
  • A weak look to the bridge of the nose

Non surgical nose treatment

Before treatment

Non surgical nose treatment Before


After treatment

Non surgical nose treatment After




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