Non Surgical Eye Rejuvenation


Non Surgical Eye Rejuvenation – Blepharoplasty at Orchid Aesthetics, Manhattan, New York

Non surgical eye rejuvenation (also known as a non surgical Blepharoplasty) is correction of the dark circles under the eyes and replenishment of collagen loss with dermal fillers like Juvederm Ultra, Perlane or Restylane. To a complete eye rejuvenation process, youthful look.

Optional you can use your own Fat transferred from a body part like: hip, abdomen, thighs. The fat gets centrifuged being separated from oil, blood and tumescent fluid. Than is injected through a canulla by the doctor just like any other filler.

In New York frequently the treatment can be complemented by IPL( photorejuvenation) to treat any hyperpigmenation of the skin under the eyes and by laser skintight to firm the lower or upper eyelids and give a better, firmer contour of the eyes.

Non Surgical Eye Rejuvenation

Before treatment

Non Surgical Eye Rejuvenation - Before


After treatment

Non surgical nose treatment - After



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