Dermal Fillers – at Orchid Aesthetics, Manhattan, New York

Dermal Fillers are cosmetic injections and represent the number one anti-aging treatment in New York.

At Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa cosmetic injections are administered by a certified aesthetic physician under topical anesthesia or dental block. There is minimal pain if any, and the side effects are limited to mild swelling and redness.

Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa in New York City offers free consultations with a specialized aesthetic physician to help you decide which cosmetic injection is best for you!

We offer customized Dermal Filler injections or a combination treatment between Botox (to relax wrinkles)and dermal fillers( to restore volume). The most popular dermal fillers in New York are: Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Restylane and Radiesse.

All our Dermal fillers are administered by an aesthetic physician. Dr. Kerns is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Aesthetic physician in New York.

Juvederm Ultra is one of the volumizing cosmetic injections, facial fillers, mainly used to correct nasolabial folds or marrionette’s lines, for lip augmentation or eyebrow lift and non surgical blepharoplasty (Juvederm for eyes); can also be used for non surgical facelift (cheek bone augmentation- Juvederm Ultra Plus), retractile scars, hand rejuvenation (Juvederm Ultra Plus).

Eyebrow Lift can be achieved by a combination treatment of dermal fillers (Juvederm Ultra, Restylane) and Botox Cosmetic.

Nonsurgical Blepharoplasty is an injection technique to correct the dark circles under the eyes by replenishing the collagen loss with dermal fillers like Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus or Restylane. To achieve a complete eye rejuvenation. The technique can be complemented by IPL ( intense pulse light ) treatments to treat the hyper pigmentation of the skin overlaying the” dark circles” for better results. Dr. Kerns is very skilled in this procedure and can render 60% or more correction even for the most problematic cases.

Restylane is one of the hyaluronic acid based cosmetic injections, facial filler used to fill and correct Botox resistant, more than temporary wrinkles, between eyebrows, forehead, periorbital area and neck. Like Juvederm, Restylane can also successfully correct “dark circles” or sunken eyes, contour and plum up lips, restore fullness to cheeks or nasolabial folds.

Radiesse dermal filler is the ideal choice for total facial contouring. It can restore a healthy, youthful appearance, enhance your existing features, help you defy age and gravity, and increase your confidence – all without invasive surgery or scarring.

Restylane and Radiesse work together to erase wrinkles, fill up folds, restore volume and re-contour the shape of the face to a youthful look.

Restylane and Botox or Juvederm Ultra and Botox or Radiesse and Botox are being used in combination under the name of Liquid Facelift. Liquid Facelift is a Non Surgical Procedure that turns back the clock and restores your features to a youthful appearance.

What is the difference between Botox and Dermal Fillers?

Botox is a beauty injection to treat wrinkles between the brows, on your forehead, around the eyes. Botox relaxes wrinkles by preventing muscle contractions while Dermal Fillers smooth out wrinkles by restoring volume. They work best together for difficult to relax wrinkles like the glabella (between your brows) or crows feet(around your eyes).

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