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Is Nasal Rejuvenation Possible with Botox?

As you know, the human face has a number of defining features that can, for better or worse, determine the appearance you present to others. One of those features is the nose. The location and symmetry of the nose is such that it can easily become the dominant feature in a person’s appearance. So much

Botox for Chest Wrinkles: Let’s Talk First

There is quite a bit of disagreement within the medical community as to whether or not Botox Cosmetic injections are appropriate for treating chest wrinkles. The disagreement is largely based in what is commonly thought to be the cause of such wrinkling. For some causes of lines and wrinkles, Botox would be appropriate; it is

Botox Shows Promise as Depression Treatment

Here at Orchid Aesthetics, we use Botox injections to help our patients achieve a more youthful look and a greater measure of self-confidence. Botox has been used in aesthetic medicine for decades, with proven results and now it can be used as a depression treatment. However, if research from the Hannover Medical School in Germany

Revealing the Secrets of Hidden Mental and Cognitive Health

The human body is an amazing thing. Among its most amazing features is the brain, an organ that acts as the “central processing unit” providing instructions to the rest of the body’s systems. When the brain begins to malfunction, that malfunction is manifested through both cognitive health deficits and physical maladies. Where cognition is concerned,

Vitamin B12 Offers Hope for Alzheimer’s Prevention

As impressive as Western medicine has shown itself to be, it seems to many of us that we have lost our way in terms of looking at treatment methodologies and practices that encourage the body to do what it’s supposed to do naturally. Instead, we prefer just to write a prescription and send the patient

Epigenetics and Human Health: Nutrition and Social Environment

Epigenetics The mapping of the human genome may very well go down in history as being the most significant accomplishment in modern medicine. The accomplishment has yielded a vast array of benefits, including helping humankind to better understand the onset and progression of certain diseases that seem to have no direct link to damaged DNA.

The Jury Is Still out on Soy Lecithin and Cancer

Our desire to eliminate terrible diseases like cancer can sometimes lead us to jump to conclusions unnecessarily. Moreover, when we do so, we end up creating a confusing environment that produces more questions than answers. A very good example is the question of soy lecithin and its relation to cancer. Soy lecithin is a byproduct

PRP Treatments: Hair Growth after Chemotherapy

We have all become accustomed to seeing cancer patients wearing head coverings whenever they are out in public. Hair loss is one of the more conspicuous and embarrassing side effects of chemotherapy. The one positive thing is that most cancer patients successfully regrow their hair once chemotherapy is complete. For those whose hair does not

PRP and Alopecia: French Study Shows Great Promise

We expect things to change as we age. Physically speaking, we expect to put on a little weight even as gravity kicks in and changes the appearance. We expect wrinkles to develop around the eyes and in the forehead. We expect to experience some measure of hair thinning or hair loss. It is certainly not

The Role of PRP in Hair Restoration and Rejuvenation

We have come a long way in the arena hair restoration over the last several decades. In fact, there are now a number of clinically proven techniques whereby age-related hair loss can be reversed in otherwise healthy people. There are also some emerging technologies now being looked at for hair restoration, including the use of


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