Black Friday Sale


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  Friday November 28 only Buy any 3 services and get other 2 or 3 for FREE! Choose from : any laser treatment: laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation by IPL-Photofacial for pigmenatation, rosacea or skintight firming for non surgical Facelift, … Continue reading

Nefertiti Neck Lift


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Nefertiti Neck Lift is a chemical lift with injections of Botox or Dysport, laser skintight by Sciton and a peptide concentrate meant to improve the elasticity of the neck skin. From ancient times a woman’s beauty was defined by the … Continue reading

Advanced Aesthetics by Dr. Roxana Kerns


There are many different types of cosmetic surgery.  Some of these are basic, traditional methods that have been used for years.  However, these basic methods do not always work.  Sometimes it is because the treatment method is fairly outdated and … Continue reading

Facial Re-sculpting with Laser, PRP and Fillers


One of the newest types of cosmetic treatments available is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), sometimes colloquially called the vampire facelift.  Laser, PRP and fillers can be used to smooth out wrinkles, build up the neck or jaw line, and much … Continue reading

Fractional vs Non-Fractional Laser in Skin Rejuvenation


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If you are considering skin rejuvenation, you will find that there are several different options.  One of the newest and most effective methods is laser skin resurfacing.  However, you will find that even if you decide laser rejuvenation is right … Continue reading

Sun Damaged Hands and Chest Treatment


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While many people wear long sleeves and a hat during the summer, they often do not realize that they are leaving two areas of skin exposed: the back of their neck and their hands.  These areas often need treatment for … Continue reading

Vitamins, Minerals, and Hormones in Skin Rejuvenation

Vitamin B12 Offers Hope for Alzheimer's PreventionIf you’ve ever heard about one of those “miracle” supplements that claim they can make your skin look younger just by taking a pill a few times a day, you’re probably right in suspecting the pill is a fraud.  However, there is some truth to the idea that certain vitamins, minerals, and hormones can have a positive effect on your skin.  Dr. Roxana Kerns of the Orchid Aesthetics skincare clinic has extensive training and experience in this area and often recommends her patients take certain supplements following their cosmetic procedures to help keep their skin looking great for years without any follow-up treatments.  While these supplements are not going to make a person stop aging, they will certainly help.


Vitamin B

Its a water soluble vitamin important in metabolism of red blood cells and nervous system. Non animal sources of Vitamin B12 are not as reliable and not considered adequate for day to day activities. Sources of B12 are meat fish and dairy products. Vitamin B12 injections are readily absorbed into the system and will boost up your metabolism and give you increased energy.

Vitamin D3

One popular vitamin that has not always received the attention it should is vitamin D2,3.  While many health professionals do check their patient’s vitamin D levels and have them take supplements to increase their overall health, few really understand just how necessary this vitamin is for the skin.  One problem with vitamin D is that the body creates it from sunlight, yet being in the sun can directly cause the skin to wrinkle and become discolored.  Another issue is that the body uses much of this vitamin D before the skin can actually use it.

Because of the many factors that affect how well the body makes vitamin D – the time of year, the location, the age of the person, etc. – not to mention the widespread use of sunblock, it’s actually fairly difficult for the body to make enough vitamin D.  This is why many people take supplements.  When taken in the form of calcitriol, vitamin D can quickly and easily be absorbed by the skin.  Here, it helps replace dead skin cells. Vitamin D3 is necessary as support for the thyroid function and therefore medical grade vitamin D3, 5000 or 10000units are more likely to support your immune function and balance your body.

Vitamin K2

Another vitamin that may greatly help the health of our skin is vitamin K2.  Some research has uncovered a link between excessive wrinkles and a lack of vitamin K2.  This is especially true in postmenopausal women.  While more study needs to be done in this area, many do believe that if people were to increase their levels of vitamin K2, they may see fewer wrinkles.  There may also be less of a risk for osteoporosis, diabetes, and kidney disease.


Many older menopausal women find that their skin begins to show signs of aging more quickly.  That is because studies have shown that estrogen actually helps prevent skin from showing signs of aging.  Many women, then, begin using topical estrogen once their body stops producing it naturally to keep their skin looking younger and healthier.  This actually helps make the skin stronger and increases the amount of collagen in it.

Usually, this topical estrogen is such a low dose that it does not interfere with the body’s natural rhythm, but it is enough to increase how the skin looks.  Most doctors prescribe estriol, a very weak estrogen that is actually created from plants and has no negative side effects.

Open House October 14: buy one service get 2nd free

Dr. Kerns of Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa launches new laser treatments and skin care products for the treatment of hyper- pigmentation. You can try some of her services for FREE at the Open House on October 14th at 57 west 57 st. suite 1203 between 4.30pm and 8.30 pm. RSVP required. Buy one service get the 2nd Free!


Dr. Kerns of Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa is an international BC medical professional with formal training in surgery, anesthesia and aesthetic medicine.
As the owner and medical director of Orchid Aesthetics , Dr. Kerns specializes in natural rejuvenation of the skin, face and body. She uses advanced medical grade skin care products, natural properties of the human body( fat, Plasma growth factors), state-of-the-art ultrasound and laser technology to erase wrinkles and restore skin firmness and elasticity.
At the Open House you have an opportunity to meet Dr. Kerns and get direct insight of her anti-aging techniques and secrets.
Free one on one consultation available with RSVP. Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres will be served. Mingle with other professionals learn about latest anti-aging technology, procedures and rejuvenate with Free mini facials/IPl.
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Tuesday October 14th 2014 doors open at 4.30pm . Close at 8.30 pm. At 57 west 57street suite 1203, 12 floor, cross street 6 avenue in NYC. Closest subway F, R, Q. Quick park, Icon parking at 56/7-8 ave.
Try the most advanced laser treatment for pigmentation for Free!. No purchase required. Dr. Kerns and her team of estheticians will give a brief presentation on healthy lifestyle and tricks to delay the aging process.
Learn, celebrate and rejuvenate all in one party on October 14 2014 at 57 west 57 st #1203 in NYC.
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How Radiesse Is Used In Facelifts


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Radiesse is a type of dermal filler.  It is often used in facelifts to smooth out wrinkles fill in folds or repair the damage from scars.  However, it is not like many other types of dermal fillers and has been … Continue reading