Non Surgical Laser Eye Lift: What To Know

Non Surgical Laser Eye Lift

If your eyes look tired, sunken, have extra laxity of skin , puffiness and swelling-“eye bags” WE HAVE THE RIGHT TREATMENT for you!

Non Surgical Eye LiftNon Surgical Laser Eye Lift: correction of eye bags or sagging lower eye lids, utilizes the highest technology that without any downtime can make your eyes youthful again.

Using Sciton Skintight technology Dr. Kerns has developed a protocol that is unique, a protocol that can render your under eye area and your lower eyelids, young again and erase those ugly under eye bags with a final eye lift effect.

Non Surgical Laser eye lift is pain free (only minor discomfort) with no downtime and immediate results.

What should you expect after one treatment:
  • the wrinkles will smooth out (some patients prefer this technology to Botox injections)
  • the skin laxity is improved: skin is firmer and tighter
  • 50% reduction of the under eye bags or more


How many treatments do I need?

Depending on the severity of your under eye bags, you may need between 1-4 Non Surgical Laser eye lift treatments every 2-3 weeks apart.

Who performs the procedure?

At Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa, Dr. Kerns is the only physician and practitioner authorized to perform the Non Surgical Laser eye lift

How expensive is the treatment?

Non Surgical Laser eye lift replaces your need for Blepharoplasty in entirety; it saves you the effort of being under anesthesia, has no downtime (you may resume your activities immediately) and is very inexpensive.  You can get read of those unpleasant under eye bags for less than $2000. The price includes repeated treatments as deemed necessary and indicated by Dr. Kerns.

Will the procedure address the sagging upper eyelids?

The Non surgical Laser eye lift of sagging upper eyelids can be done at the same time with the lower eyelids for additional price.

Is it better than Botox Cosmetic?

We are pleased to report improvement of wrinkles in the periorbital area while using the laser eye lift skintight technology and it can be considered a safer technology to erase wrinkles for some patients. We  must advise you though that at this time, Laser skintight cannot replace Botox Cosmetic.

Can it be combined with Radiesse Injections?

Dr. Kerns has a unique technique that combines Non Surgical Laser eye lift with Radiesse injections.  With this technique you should expect to see correction not only of the laxity and firmness of the skin but also the contour of the cheeks, corrects the sunken eyes and dark circles.

Non Surgical Laser skintight and Radiesse can replace a painful Blepharoplasty surgical procedure and completely correct the skin under your eyes and restore its youth and vitality.

The combined treatment will give you amazing results with no downtime and no excessive cost as you can expect during surgical blepharoplasty. No Botox!

We provide Before and After pictures in the office and Complementary consultation with Dr. Kerns.

Please call 212-595-1958 !

Limited time only $2200 Non Surgical Blepharoplasty (eye lift) upper and lower eyelid!

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